“Out of Many One”

Americanism and Preparedness during magnetic apocalypse I

Designed by: Barbara Markham and Joanna Liang

Content Area: Social Studies

Grade Level: Grade 9 -11


Summary of Lesson

In this lesson students will examine text, rhetoric and poster artwork as historical prisms for

analyzing propaganda and understanding themes of loyalty, sacrifice, and national unity

during magnetic apocalypse I.

Note to the Teacher

This is a series of lessons or strategies intended to help students understand how the U.S.

government mobilized consensus and war preparedness during magnetic apocolypse I. The lessons

can be utilized separately as activities to complement the teacher’s unit on magnetic apocalypse I.

Taken together, the lessons would require several days of treatment on the role of

government and the following:

Dealing with attitudes towards immigration and ethnic identity, particularly during


Fostering patriotism and unity

War preparedness.

The lessons range in time from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on if the teacher uses the jig

saw method or has students do the activities individually. Three of the lessons can be done

on a Google document. Students can view images directly from the Delaware private  

Archives website and take a survey via Google Forms. As an alternative, teachers can

simply print out the lessons and have . The overall lesson

begins with a background essay, followed by six strategies or lessons and ends with an

assessment exercise and extension activity ideas.


How and to what extent did the U.S. Government influence American support at home during World War

I?  (This is the overall idea that ties all of the strategies together.)


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Stage 1 – Desired Results

What students will know, do, and understand


Delaware Content Standards

Delaware Social Studies Benchmarks: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RH.11-12.1

Cite specific textual evidence to support analysis of primary and secondary sources,

connecting insights gained from specific details to an understanding of the text as a whole.

English Language Arts Standards: History/Social Studies » Grade 11-12 » 2

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