Magnets For Recycling

The magnetic systems for recycling are magnetized components with the role of separating the material to make the most of specific metallic elements that were forged in the recycling procedure. For this sector, it is vital to manufacture magnetic systems of fantastic quality and power.
These magnetic systems will protect the recycled merchandise and all the machinery that participates in the procedure, getting a high security system.

Magnetic Filtration
Magnetic Systems for Recycling
Magnetic Drum
Magnetic Head Rollers
Magnetic Plates
Foucault’s Present Separator
IMABAND-RN Magnetic Separator
Magnetic Transport Systems
Magnetic Systems for Formwork
Demagnetizers and Magnetisers
Magnetic Monitoring Equipment
Wide range of magnetic systems for recycling that supplies a large number of programs:

Magnetic recycling methods are elements that require strength and efficiency. The great majority of these systems are outfitted with neodymium magnets that provide greater remanence and higher coercivity. .
As a result of the properties of neodymium magnetswe obtain the greatest strength for the separation of metal particles mixed by the material to be recycled.

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The lack of certain raw materials along with the growth in waste disposal costs has generated an increase in the usage of magnetic systems in recycling. Factor which has required new magnetic options to the sector, obtaining additional uses and applications.