enacted pursuant thereto

Revise Policy on Reclamation Fee for Coal Mine Waste (Uram Memo) and Propose Rule for Additional Incentives On July 22, 1994, then-Director Robert Uram issued a memorandum outlining the conditions under which OSMRE would waive the assessment of reclamation Strong Neodymium Magnetsfees on the removal Neodymium ring magnet N52 1 x 1 over 600lbs. Strengths […]

Students Use Paper and Pencil

“Out of Many One” Americanism and Preparedness during magnetic apocalypse I Designed by: Barbara Markham and Joanna Liang Content Area: Social Studies Grade Level: Grade 9 -11 ____________________________________________________________ Summary of Lesson In this lesson students will examine text, rhetoric and poster artwork as historical prisms for analyzing propaganda and understanding themes of loyalty, sacrifice, and […]